Saturday, January 10, 2009

How to be on GDI Leader board?

Hi everyone,
Thank you for visit my GDI Business Blog.Every New year come I will have my own revolution and I do everything to achieve my goals.

Same as the Business. I have set my goals start with baby step.Like I would like to make money online with the real work online from home and legitimate.
I have found GDI and I never look back.The Movie have Change my life.
The question : Do you need help? I will be your mentor and the best sponsor to help and support you.
I have the Secret system to work for you and our team.You don't have to have a $ 100 to start to build your business. You can start with $ 0.

If you have anymore question or any thing I forgot to tell you.Please feel free to contact me here.
Why GDI is # 1 for me.GDI is the Home Base business you can start for free and then low cost just $ 10 a month.If you can do GDI business I think you can not do with other company online.
And another reason I love about GDI is Bonus every week.
Every 5 people in 1 week you will get $ 100 bonus in your Paypal account.

This is my name(Nonthali Stornini )
on GDI leader board week 01/05/2009 - 01/11/09

For your Success,
Nonthali Stornini

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Payitforward for GDI.

Hello everyone,

GDI is the best home business online.I have online income from this company.I know how hard.I start with $ 0 in my pocket.And now I earn more and more every month.So I would like to offer if you don't have money to start with gdi business opportunity.
I will pay for you 37 days it mean you first month you have to pay $ 10 but with me you pay zero cost for you.
After you sign up I will send e-mail to training and guide step by step.
Help and support from me.
And I already have the system ready for you to use to make money online and earn many incomes from home.
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Monday, December 29, 2008

Best work online from home"Home base business"

Best work online from home "Home base business"

#1. Global Domains International,Inc.

1,000 's of real people worldwide make a residual income with this company.After you finish set up your own website you will start earn money right away.
This is not get rich scam program.They result may different depend on Time and Effort.I 'm not guarantee you will success and make money like me.
You absolute no risk.You can start with GDI for free.Within 7 days you think GDI business is not right for you.You want to continue spend the money to buy the useless ebook and scam website you can say good bye.Just cancel your account.The company won't charge you a dime.
If you should to stay the company will charge your creditcard,debit card or Paypal.
If you would like to sign up with Paypal.You can register with Paypal is Free.
You can choose to got your commission by paypal,too.

From my experience I have see people who understand this amazing business and then they build their residual income and they love GDI business.About payment right on time every week and every month right on time.

I am so exciting about Bonus from and excellent compensation.
This is information about Bonus:

Earn an UNLIMITED Number of $100 Bonuses Each Week By Simply Referring FIVE New Confirmed Affiliates in a 7-day Contest Period.

You read that correctly! For every 5 paid affiliates you refer in a one week period, you'll earn a $100 cash bonus. There is no limit! Refer 25 new paid affiliates in one week and you'll earn $500!

Follow Ash Mufareh Corp ( The Top of GDI leader board )use Ash System For GDI Members Only Ultimate Advertising System.

Example : How much you can earn?

  • 5-Level Uni-Level Compensation

This is our standard compensation plan that ALL affiliates qualify for, even those who are still in their free trial period. Basically, you are paid $1 per month, per domain, that is registered in your 5 level network. A uni-level compensation plan is the most simple plan in network marketing, and the key to our quick growth.

You are not limited by width. You can refer as many people as you want to, and so can those people that you refer, and so on.

Here's an example. You refer 5 people to our product/program. That pays you $5 per month. No big deal? Hang on, you'll see the power of this. Each of those 5 people then refer 5 of their own, so you're now getting paid an additional $25 per month on your "second level". Each of those 25 can refer as many as they want, but for consistency we'll say that they too refer 5 each. That's $125 in monthly commissions on your 3rd level. If the trend continues, you'll have $625 in monthly commissions on your 4th level, and $3,125 in monthly commissions on your 5th level.

That's a total of over $3,900 in monthly commissions for referring 5 people, and then teaching those people how to do the same and assisting them in growing their own organizations. Keep in mind that nobody is limited in how many people they can refer. Some of our affiliates personally refer hundreds of other affiliates. Just a couple of these "go-getters" in your organization can really blow your income off the charts. Here's a graphical example of our uni-level plan.

Do you want to take a ride? Enjoy your movie.


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Why GDI?
1. Start for free and low cost to start business.
2. You can work any where world wide.
3. You can work online or off line.
4. Excellent compensation.
5. Write your own paycheck.You desire how much do you want to be paid?
6. Set your own hour to work.
7. Financial freedom.
8. Time and freedom.
9. Residual Income.
10.Family Values.
11. Tax Incentives.
12. Personal Growth.
13. Helping Others.
14. Recognition.
15. Leadership

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